Born in Carpi (IT) on Sept. 1992, Berlin based, for over a decade now Lorenzo Setti’s authenticity, passion and creativity are complimented wit professionalism, strategic thinking and an expansive creative skill-set ranging from electronic music composition to commercials and short film scoring; session drummer to creative project management and educator.
Lorenzo is an inspiring umbrella-artist with a vast knowledge and experience, having worked with bands and recording studios as well as multi-media studios, engineers, architects, directors and computational designers.

His work spans across various industries, genres and disciplines; however, everything Lorenzo creates or curates revolves around experience, experimentation and innovation.
Setti’s works are often bold, deep and conceptual, yet relatable, conveying a modern meaning.

He debutted as ATŌMI in 2020 with ARMØNIA the first of three EPs published by the Tokyo based label Jikken Records, receiving critical acclaim by the media as well as film fest nominations and features on well-known magazines.
ATŌMI is a versatile, hybrid blend of Lorenzo’s knowledge and experience he had acquired during his studies and career, and his natural ability to connect
with artists and visionaries, as well as collaborating with extraordinary talents.
Since his childhood, Lorenzo has been experimenting with ideas and concepts; examining opportunities without fear, yet, accepting constructive criticism and responding to failure positively; using every influence and input for personal and professional development.
His strong social skills, forward thinking and flexibility naturally resulted in a continuously growing mindset that allows him to explore and create confidently; venturing bravely into what’s beyond people’s imagination and society’s limitations.



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