Hello my friends and supporters,

Even if you don’t know what Patreon is or if you haven’t already seen my page, I want to share with you my opinion on it, explaing why I chose this platform and my intent.

The last few months have been a completely life changer for me, I moved to Berlin, back and forth from Italy to move most of my stuff, some of my studio equipment and to attend workshops regarding new projects. All my focus and energy was needed to settle my new life here and also to understand which would be the next step.

Even if I'm not a social media enthusiastic and kind of an introspective person, I felt like something was missing and after many full moon nights and rainy days I understood where that feeling comes from.I was missing the way Patreon helped me to stay focused on my creativity and how, by doing that, it also helps me looking back to all the beautiful things done, with new eyes, avoiding that feeling or should i say perception of "fading in the dark" that makes me feel like many things are missing or incomplete and they're slowly vanishing in some remote part of my brain, HD drive or archive.I have also understood that the way I set up Patreon, based on many suggestions and influences from other creators, simply doesn't work for me.

The thing that I felt more comfortable with happens to be the kind of blog format, in other words, having a place where I can share topics, impressions, feelings, moments, etc.. in the shape of videos, photos, music, sketches or blog with a small circle of really interested people which have decided to support me and my projects freely, without any tier or caste subdivision....that's why I changed it.

All the exclusive already published content available only on Patreon, such as: silent movies, mp3 files of the soundtracks, unreleased tracks, all the videos recorded inside my studio available in the series “7 minutes in PLANETARIUM" and also all the listening sessions and installation reportage videos of the series “OUT of PLANETARIUM" + the blog of my artistic residency and last but not least all the researches and behind the scenes of my debut Ep ARMØNIA, will be still available only for my supporters.
But right now, there won't be series or weekly/monthly based contents but more of a personal way of experiencing and sharing things, closer to what is my idea of a diary.

If you're curious to know my creative process that led me to conceptualise, to design and to give life to installations, albums, live shows and sound works and if you would like to be updated about artistic residencies and unique experiences in a blog-diary format and last but not least, be the first to know and gain early access on physical-handmade releases, discounts, album/ep/track, muti-media artistic collaborations and more, then
you're very welcome to my Patreon lounge.
That's not only about your support, it's about true and long lasting relationships!

Thank you to my Patreon supporter Samuel Lee